Contributing to Research Online

Research Online provides free online access to the widest possible range of relevant and up-to-date labour market intelligence, in the form of research reports and journal articles. The Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) page provides more details.

How to contribute to Research Online

How can I contribute material to Research Online on an ad hoc basis?

If you have produced or published research material that you wish to be included in Research Online, send it for consideration to Please include the title, publisher, date of publication and weblink (URL) where possible.

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How can I contribute material to Research Online on an ongoing basis?

If your organisation regularly publishes research into the Scottish or UK labour market, you may wish to consider becoming a key organisation. Material from key organisations is 'fast-tracked' onto Research Online. Key organisations are also updated about developments to the site.

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What is the role of a key contact?

It is important that the material available is comprehensive, useful and up-to-date. To achieve this, it is important for Research Online to quickly include research undertaken by important labour market organisations. Key contacts within these organisations are those best placed to collate and supply this research.

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How much work is involved for key contacts?

Key contacts will be expected to submit relevant research reports from their organisation for inclusion. This will usually be done electronically. The preferred method is electronic submission in Adobe (pdf) format.
This is seen as the most efficient method by which to populate Research Online, whilst being the least burdensome for key contacts.

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How often will key contacts be expected to submit material?

Key contacts can submit material as frequently or infrequently as they see fit - the process should be driven by the availability of appropriate research. Key contacts will decide themselves when to submit material. However, every key contact will be sent an email reminder each quarter.

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What level of access to my material will be provided?

The availability of Research Online's material varies according to copyright restrictions. We make material available for download or provide a link where we are allowed to do so. Research Online contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v2.0.

Format Availability Purpose
Abstract only All material on Research Online has been abstracted to indicate the scope and nature of that specific report or article. Details of where to source a full copy of the item are also included. Raises awareness of reports. Full copy of the item is not freely available online.
Abstract and weblink In addition to the abstract and source details, a link to an external website provides online access to a full copy of the report or article. Provides online access to a full copy of the item. Although these links are regularly checked, Skills Development Scotland cannot guarantee that these links will always work.
Abstract and full-text The material is available to freely download in its entirety from Research Online. Provides online access to a full copy of the item.

Skills Development Scotland would prefer to make as much material as possible available as full text. However, if a key organisation prefers to make their material available through Research Online as a weblink or abstract only, they should indicate this when submitting material. A weblink will always be provided if there is one available.

Where material is provided as abstract only, key contacts should be aware that users of Research Online may contact their organisation seeking a full copy of that item.

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Can I choose which items are made available in full-text?

Yes. Even if you have given permission for your research material to be included in full-text format, you can still submit items which are not to be made available in full-text. You should make this clear when submitting the item for inclusion in Research Online.

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What kind of material should key contacts supply?

This should largely be decided by the key contacts themselves. As a general guide, anything which is related to the labour market, or would be considered of interest to someone researching labour market issues. For each item, please indicate an appropriate title, publisher, date of publication and weblink (URL) where possible.

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How do we become a key organisation?

Prospective key contacts should send an email to indicating that their organisation is willing to contribute to Research Online, and confirming:

  • Whether or not they are willing to submit material on a full-text basis
  • Whether or not they will allow Skills Development Scotland to take reports freely available on their organisation's website and include these in Research Online in full-text format.

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How do key contacts submit material?

Reports can be emailed directly, in electronic format, to This is the preferred method of submission. The preferred electronic format is Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf).

Hard copies can be sent to:

Research Online Content Management Team
c/o Idox Information Service
7th Floor
95 Bothwell Street
G2 7JZ

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What if I have other questions?

Contact the Sector Development Team at Skills Development Scotland by email at

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