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Recent headline documents

  • The great British break through
    Argues that the UK’s productivity problem was not triggered by the financial crisis, and that there have been longer term drivers of productivity stagnation.
  • A digital world for all
    Presents the findings of a study into the #NotWithoutMe programme, an initiative launched in 2015 to develop evidence and test innovative engagement techniques to improve digital inclusion and digital skills and literacy among vulnerable young people across the UK.
  • The age of automation
    Looks at the potential effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics on the labour market in terms of the number of jobs which might be lost and how the nature of jobs might change.
  • Young people’s experience of education and training from 15-24 years
    Reports on the findings of a study into young people’s experience of the education and training system in Scotland.
  • Collected case studies: apprenticeships
    Presents case studies demonstrating how cities implement apprenticeships.

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