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Recent headline documents

  • The future of technology and learning
    Explores the strategic aims and uptake of digital learning in organisations, drawing on analysis of longitudinal data.
  • State of the Nation 2017
    Reports on the state of social mobility in Great Britain, with a focus on the geographical divide that exists.
  • Brexit and the sectors of the Scottish economy
    Investigates the potential impact of leaving the European Union (EU) on the economy in Scotland.
  • Better apprenticeships
    Presents two reports, the first of which analyses whether sufficient quality indicators are in place to facilitate social mobility for young people through apprenticeships in England, while the second considers whether there is an earnings differential from starting an apprenticeship for young people.
  • Industrial strategy
    Provides an overview of the UK Government’s industrial strategy. Highlights key policies such as introducing a technical education system that rivals the best in the world.

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