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Recent headline documents

  • Creative industries innovation
    Provides an overview of the main findings and key issues emerging from a programme of research into collaborative innovation between higher education, further education and the creative industries in Scotland.
  • People with disabilities in employment
    Presents key statistics on disabled people in employment in the UK, and outlines central government policies to increase the numbers of disabled people in work.
  • Managing automation
    Discusses the future economic effects of automation arguing that it has the potential to create widespread benefits.
  • Thriving, striving, or just about surviving?
    Investigates workers’ experiences of economic security - defined as ‘the degree of confidence that a person can have in maintaining a decent quality of life, now and in future, given their economic and financial circumstances’
  • Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy
    Reports on the collaborative economy and make recommendations on how Scotland can position itself to take advantage of the opportunities of the collaborative economy.

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