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Recent headline documents

  • Collected case studies: youth skills training
    Presents a series of case studies of international cities that are improving youth skills training.
  • The value of college graduates to the Scottish economy
    Examines the contribution of college graduates to the Scottish economy between 2008/09-2015/16.
  • A framework for success
    Presents a white paper on the implementation of a new School to Work Framework in every school in the UK.
  • The future of skills
    Explores how employment is likely to change in the coming years and the implications this will have for skills.
  • Scotland's budget report 2017
    Reports on Scotland’s Budget 2017 in the context of Scotland’s new tax-raising and welfare powers. Discusses Scotland’s new fiscal framework, recent Scottish and UK economic performance (including data on GDP, productivity and the labour market) and the economic outlook.

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