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Recent headline documents

  • Back on track
    Explores the impact of parenthood on work outcomes, and looks at ways in which policy makers and businesses can better support parents to return to work.
  • Living standards, poverty and inequality in the UK
    Examines changes in the distribution of household incomes in the UK, and the determinants and consequences of recent trends.
  • Scotland's colleges 2018
    Provides the results of an inquiry by the Auditor General for Scotland into the college education sector.
  • Reversing decline
    Looks at the ways in which Germany, France and the UK approaches vocational education and training, and considers the lessons for the UK.
  • The experience of the experienced
    Showcases some of the life and career journeys of people who have either worked within the social care services in Scotland for more than 15 years or are over 45 and have joined the independent care sector recently.
  • Delivering STEM skills for the economy
    Looks at the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills for UK productivity.

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