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The changing educational attainment of graduate recruits to major public sector occupations

Uses educational attainment data on entry into higher education as an indirect proxy measurement of quality to provide new evidence on how the quality of graduate recruits to major public sector occupations, particularly teachers, doctors, nurses and professions allied to medicine, has changed over time. Focuses on trends in public sector earnings. Notes that the results show no evidence of a widespread decline in the average educational attainment of graduates entering schools or health professional occupations since public sector pay restraint began to take effect in 2010-11. Suggests this may in part be due to very little change in the public-private sector pay gap and that the non-pay aspects of the job are a greater draw to potential recruits.


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Amin-Smith, Neil; Greaves, Ellen; Sibieta, Luke
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Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

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