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Engineering UK 2017: the state of engineering

Summarises how engineering contributes to the UK economy. Gives an in-depth analysis of the supply and demand trends in UK engineering talent. Draws on evidence-based data such as the latest labour force projections. Highlights that: engineering contributes 26% of the UK’s GDP – viewed in terms of Gross Value Added, its contribution is more than that of the retail and wholesale and financial and insurance sectors combined; engineering activity has a particularly high wider employment multiplier effect: every extra person employed in engineering supports another 1.74 other jobs; more 11-16 year olds would consider a career in engineering; engineering graduate supply falls short of demand (a shortfall of at least 20,000 annually); and efforts to attract girls and women into engineering and technology degrees are successful internationally, but the proportion of UK-domiciled graduates is becoming too low to be sustainable in the long-term. Makes recommendations, including encouraging more pupils to choose STEM subjects and make well-informed choices that maintain the option of a career in engineering and technology.


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Mellors-Bourne, Robin et al
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