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Future proof: Britain in the 2020s

Reports on ‘future proofing’ Britain in the 2020s. Uses infographics and graphs to present trends and forecasts relating to the economy, demographics, and the environment. Sets out five trends which are believed will drive change in the 2020s: a demographic tipping point; an economic world transformed; Brexit – the aftershock; technological transformation; and the shock of the Anthropocene. Outlines 10 major challenges for the 2020s. Asserts that the expected disruption of the coming decades should be met with new institutional solutions in order to flourish collectively and as individuals. Indicates that this will require rethinking notions of work, value and how they connect to identity and culture, as well as reimagining the institutions underpinning ownership, production, consumption and distribution. Indicates that it will require the re-embedding of economic policy within political objectives, shaping the economy through democratic institutions and practices. Suggests that the goal of reform in the decade-and-a-half ahead should be to recommence what historian Raymond Williams called ‘the long revolution’.


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Lawrence, Mathew
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Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)

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