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Mail and courier: occupational craft skill report

Presents a profile of the mail and courier sector, which consists of two main industries – the UK national post (universal delivery service by Royal Mail) and other private postal and courier providers. Examines the key characteristics and skills requirements needed by those currently employed in the mail and courier sector. Explores issues associated with: the recruitment and retention of employees; workforce development; and drivers of change that will influence the skills requirements of those working or looking to enter into this sector. Finds that the postal market underwent dramatic changes in 2006 when the industry was opened to full competition. Suggests that the mail and courier workforce are predominantly male and employed on a permanent contract and full-time basis. Argues that the proportion of the workforce qualified to above Level 2 is significantly lower than the all UK sector average, but that increased training is being carried out because of the savings related to enhanced efficiency. Concludes that drivers which effect the mail and courier sector include regulation and governance, demographic change, consumer demand and technological changes, and after a decline, the industry is starting to recover and faces a rise in recruitment activity.


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