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Why not physics? A snapshot of girls' uptake at A-level [2018] External document

Provides a snapshot of girls’ uptake at A-level physics in England. Comments that if as many girls studied A-level physics as boys, there would be 15,000 additional young people qualified to move int...

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Automation, digitalisation and platforms: implications for work and employment [2018] External document

Examines how the digital revolution changes the nature of economic activity, work and employment. Provides some historical context and a broad interpretation of the significance of the digital revolut...

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Hidden chains (modern slavery in the waste sector), IN Resource, No 92 Summer 2018, pp22-23 [2018]

Highlights the problem of modern slavery in the UK waste and recycling sector, often involving those from EU countries, who arrive legally but are then exploited. Notes that the chains of modern slave...

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Exploring the funding and support for apprentices with additional support needs (DFE-RR800) [2018] Full document External document

Explores the effectiveness of funding to support apprentices with a learning difficulty or disability (LDD) and/or apprentices from a disadvantaged background. Draws on information from qualitative in...

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Tech Nation report 2018: connection and collaboration - powering UK tech and driving the economy [2018] External document

Looks at the UK tech ecosystem, in the fourth of a series of annual reports, to identify the sector’s key challenges, opportunities and trends for the year ahead and beyond; highlights the unique stre...

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We've survived wars, we can cope with the future (The state of business in Scotland), IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 35 No 3 May/Jun 2018, pp88-91 [2018]

Reports on a round table discussion, involving several Scottish business leaders, on the current state of business in Scotland. Discusses views on business confidence in Scotland over the past twelve ...

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A low skills equilibrium, IN Agenda NI, No 88 May 2018, pp84-85 [2018]

Looks at key areas of weakness in Northern Ireland’s economy including productivity, noting that this is linked to the region’s low skills base. Considers issues around the demand for skills, suggesti...

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The economic and social impact of higher and further education in the context of Brexit, IN Agenda NI, No 88 May 2018, pp88-89 [2018]

Examines key themes emerging from the Department for the Economy’s response to the UK’s Migration Advisory Committee relating to the economic and social impact of international students in the UK. Hig...

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Widening participation: are a 'hidden middle' missing out?, IN Phoenix, No 153 Feb 2018, pp14-15 [2018]

Notes that, while financial support is a significant strand of widening participation (WP) in higher education, some commentators are questioning whether activities around access are matched by measur...

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Health warning for employers: supporting older workers with health conditions [2018] External document

Explores ways in which employers can better support workers with long-term physical and mental health conditions, drawing on the results of surveys of adults with long-term health conditions. Consider...

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