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Engineering UK 2017: the state of engineering [2017] Full document External document

Summarises how engineering contributes to the UK economy. Gives an in-depth analysis of the supply and demand trends in UK engineering talent. Draws on evidence-based data such as the latest labour fo...

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Flaws in policy and organisation (constant changes in further education policy), IN Basic and Workplace Skills and Bulletin, No 258 20 Mar 2017, p5 [2017]

Reviews a paper by the Institute for Government (IfG) looking at policy areas where change has been acute, focusing specifically on the section on Further Education (FE). (Full report - B48024). Note...

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Postgraduate placements: enhancing academic outcomes?, IN Phoenix, No 150, Feb 2017, pp18-19 [2017]

Looks at the impact of a placements programme designed especially for postgraduate students. Explains that, since 2009, the University of Nottingham Graduate School has been running its placements pro...

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Sensible decisions: why do students choose against placements?, IN Phoenix, No 150, Feb 2017, pp4-5 [2017]

Outlines research into why some students who register for a year in industry decide not to pursue it. Explains that each year, the placements team at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) supp...

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Factors and motivations affecting attitudes towards and propensity to learn through the life course (Future Skills and Lifelong Learning evidence review) [2017] Full document External document

Looks at the promotion of learning throughout adult life, and the factors and motivations affecting attitudes to learning and propensity to learn. Finds that the propensity to participate is strongly ...

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Apprenticeships: reform and progress (In focus) [2017]

Provides an overview of the most recent reforms to the apprenticeship system in England. Explains that the UK government is rolling out a new system from April 2017 with the aim of creating three mill...

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Step-Up: year one learning report [2017] External document

Considers the impact of a programme aimed at testing new approaches to helping low-paid workers increase their earnings and progress into better jobs. Finds that recruiting working participants requir...

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The two sides of diversity: which are the most ethnically diverse occupations? [2017] External document

Uses data from the 2015 Labour Force Survey to measure the extent of ethnic diversity across occupations in England and Wales. Notes that the most diverse occupations include taxi and cab drivers, den...

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Three million apprenticeships: building ladders of opportunity [2017] External document

Sets out the benefits of apprenticeships, including that they are an important means of gaining vocational and technical skills and an opportunity for improving social mobility and life chances. Argue...

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The changing educational attainment of graduate recruits to major public sector occupations [2017] Full document External document

Uses educational attainment data on entry into higher education as an indirect proxy measurement of quality to provide new evidence on how the quality of graduate recruits to major public sector occup...

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