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Brain drain (teacher shortage in Scotland), IN Holyrood, No 390 23 Oct 2017, pp29-31 [2017]

Considers the severity of the current shortage of teachers in Scottish schools. Outlines recent high profile cases highlighting the growing concern about the shortage of teachers, particularly in scie...

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Dignified work, IN Tourism, No 168 Summer/Autumn 2017, pp16-17 [2017]

Looks at tourism as an option for diversifying the declining economy in UK coastal fishing communities in the UK, and offering dignified work. Discusses some of the reasons for the decline of coastal ...

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Regeneration and traditional building skills, IN Urban Design, No 144 Autumn 2017, pp38-39 [2017]

Examines the Heritage Lottery Fund’s (HLF’s) approach to embedding skills training in work in the historic built environment. Discusses HLFs commitment to skills development in the outcomes framework...

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Trouble Sharing, IN New Civil Engineer, No 2055 Nov 2017, pp34-36 [2017]

Discusses the increasing efforts made by employers to tackle mental health issues for construction employees. Notes people in precarious employment are very vulnerable when, or if, they raise health a...

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Volunteering and the heritage skills gap, IN Urban Design, No 144 Autumn 2017, pp30-31 [2017]

Analyses the profile of people who get involved in volunteering in the historic built environment. Summarises research on the experience of volunteers and managers regarding skills and how organisatio...

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Through the looking glass: young people, work and the transition between education and employment in a post-Brexit UK, IN Journal of Social Policy, Vol 46 No 4 Oct 2017, pp675-698 [2017]

Examines the role of EU funding streams and operational programmes supporting young people's transitions between education and employment in the UK. Outlines the context for the study, highlighting th...

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Do you want virtual fries with that? (virtual reality learning), IN People Management, Oct 2017, pp44-46 [2017]

Reports on a new generation of virtual reality (VR) learning applications, noting that safety-critical work is a major beneficiary of such training. Suggests that VR encourages people to learn throug...

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We can work it out (local labour market strategies), IN MJ, 9 Nov 2017, pp12-13 [2017]

Comprises two articles about local labour market strategies. Includes an article explaining how local government can play a more strategic role in supporting local labour markets in the context of Bre...

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Rethinking higher education and its relationship with social inequalities: past knowledge, present state and future potential, IN Palgrave Communications, 3:1 2017, pp1-12 [2017] External document

Reviews the purpose of higher education and institutional characteristics by juxtaposing the instrumental and intrinsic conceptual frameworks and placing this within the context of increasing social i...

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Made smarter review 2017 [2017] Full document External document

Explores the ways in which UK manufacturing can maximise the benefits from increasing adoption of industrial digital technology (IDT). Highlights four key recommendations aimed at making the UK a glob...

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