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Paisley City of Culture bid accelerates region’s economic growth, IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 35 No 2 Mar/Apr 2018, pp97-100 [2018]

Looks at the impact of the unsuccessful Paisley City of Culture bid. Identifies the advantages that the town has that were highlighted by the bid, and the positive feeling this has generated. Present...

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Revolution in the way we work gathers momentum (potential impact of artificial intelligence), IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 35 No 2 Mar/Apr 2018, pp27-31 [2018]

Discusses the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on work. Considers how mundane and routine tasks, and therefore jobs that rely on these, are likely to be undertaken by machines. Reflect...

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Deeds not words (equality agenda), IN Holyrood, No 399 12 Mar 2018, pp19-21 [2018]

Looks at the gender equality one hundred years on from when some women in the UK got the right to vote. Highlights gender inequalities in Scotland in particular: the fact that the full-time gender pa...

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Demand for higher education to 2030 [2018] External document

Reviews demand for higher education and the factors that would influence future demand, in the very different policy environment to that which existed in 2011 when the last such report was published, ...

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Scottish labour market trends (Vol 2 No 2 2018) [2018] External document

Analyses labour market trends in Scotland during 2017. Draws on data from a range of sources including the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Scottish Government. Reports that there was a fa...

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The cumulative impact of tax and welfare reforms [2018] External document

Reports the findings of a cumulative impact assessment of the distributional impacts of the UK Government’s tax and spending decisions on people sharing different protected characteristics. Notes tha...

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Immigration and Brexit: legal guide to managing a migrant workforce [2018] External document

Looks at the government’s position on European Economic Area (EEA) nationals already in the UK, and the immigration system after Brexit. Considers the routine management of a migrant workforce from en...

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Factors affecting teacher retention: qualitative investigation [2018] Full document External document

Explores issues affecting the retention of teachers, drawing on qualitative interviews with former teachers. Outlines the background to the research and the methodology used. Describes the findings o...

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The apprenticeship levy: one year on - a look at attitudes towards apprenticeship reform and the levy [2018] External document

Presents the results of a survey, of over 60 employers paying the apprenticeship levy, assessing their progress in implementing the changes and identifying any barriers they have found. Explains that ...

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Understanding the under-representation of women in engineering apprenticeships [2018] External document

Presents the results of research into the under-representation of women in engineering apprenticeships. Uses the Find an Apprenticeship website, an application route for a lot of apprenticeship candid...

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