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Young people's experience of education and training from 15-24 years

Reports on the findings of a study, carried out by SQW in partnership with Young Scot, into young people’s experience of the education and training system in Scotland. Outlines the main stages of the study: a document review; establishment of a panel of 12 young people to co-design the research; and workshops with young people and policy makers. Outlines the methodology and approach taken to the fieldwork. Reports the key findings of the study on: young people’s experiences of education and training; key decision points and transitions; main influences on the learners’ journey; and ideas for change. Finds that the main messages were: there was too much focus on qualifications and attainment within schools; young people did not get enough support with personal issues; and there was lack of parity of esteem between academic and vocational career pathways. Highlights that students need more help when choosing subjects at school. Makes recommendations which address these issues for consideration by the Scottish Government and wider stakeholders within the education sector.


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