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Engineering graduates for UK Manufacturing: further confirmation of the evident minimal impact of possible workforce-planning policy responses to sectoral shortage reports (Research paper no 125) [2017] Full document External document

Looks at the ‘leakage’ of engineering graduates from the sectors of the economy they might be expected to enter and especially from their natural manufacturing sub-sectors. Uses data from the Higher E...

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The time-related underemployment of lone parents during welfare reform, recession and austerity: a challenge to in-work conditionality?, IN Social Policy & Administration, Vol 51 No 3 May 2017, pp511-538 [2017]

Examines the labour market participation of lone parents between 2008 and 2013 following changes in welfare policies, and considers the implications for in-work conditionality in welfare policies. Des...

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Sector continues to drink at top table despite Brexit (Scottish food and drink industry), IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 34 No 4 May 2017, pp55-58 [2017]

Looks at future prospects for the food and drink industry in Scotland, drawing on the results of an annual food sector report. Outlines the contribution made by the sector to the Scottish economy and ...

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A decade of the SNP: has the party delivered for the Scottish economy?, IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 34 No 4 May 2017, pp25-28, 30 [2017]

Considers the influence of the Scottish National Party (SNP) on the performance of the Scottish economy, drawing on analysis of key economic indicators to compare Scotland's performance with the UK an...

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Pathway to employment (supported internships for young people with special educational needs), IN Special Children, No 236 May/Jun 2017, pp16-19 [2017]

Explores the key ingredients of successful supported internship programmes to support young people with special educational needs into sustainable paid employment, drawing on the experience of partici...

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Boosting social enterprise development: good practice compendium [2017] External document

Provides an in-depth analysis of 20 social enterprise initiatives across the European Union covering a range of policy areas from legal frameworks, finance, market access, and support structures, to e...

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A new era for apprenticeships, IN Graduate Market Trends, Spring 2017, pp6-7 [2017]

Looks at the benefits of apprenticeships for employers and young people. Outlines the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, and the ways in which employers and apprenticeship providers are having t...

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Climbing the employability mountain (employability research in higher education providers), IN Graduate Market Trends, Spring 2017, pp10-11 [2017]

Presents the findings of a literature review of employability research in UK higher education providers between 2012 and 2016. Describes the approach adopted and the way employability was defined. Out...

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How to get the best out of the apprenticeship scheme, IN Public Finance, No 5 May 2017, pp44-45 [2017]

Offers guidance on how to get the best out of the new digital apprenticeship service, which will incur an extra cost for larger employers. Suggests there it would be beneficial to, for example: put ap...

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Implications of technological change and austerity for employability in urban labour markets, IN Urban Studies, Vol 54 No 7 May 2017, pp1638-1654 [2017]

Explores the implications of austerity and technological change for employability, drawing on the results of a literature review. Outlines key trends and developments relating to the use of web-based ...

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