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Industrial strategy: building a Britain fit for the future [2017] Full document External document

Provides an overview of the UK Government’s industrial strategy. Explains that although the UK has many strengths, there are a number of challenges facing the UK, including the withdrawal from the Eur...

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Accommodation for students now big business in Scotland, IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 34, No 9 Nov 2017, pp71-72 [2017]

Looks at the growth of the purpose-built student accommodation sector in Scotland, and in the UK more generally. Outlines a range of recently completed or planned student housing developments in Glasg...

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Business qualifications take participants to new levels, IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 34, No 9 Nov 2017, pp37-38, 41 [2017]

Looks at the extent and impact of business leadership development programmes in Scotland. Outlines the six-month Saltire Fellowship programme run by Entrepreneurial Scotland, and the numbers of partic...

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Speaking out (supporting students with communication difficulties to develop workplace skills), IN Special Children, No 238 Sep/Oct 2017, pp36-39 [2017]

Looks at a pilot programme to support students with communication difficulties to develop skills for the workplace and raise employer's awareness of the ways in which they can help. Describes a worksh...

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Inclusive growth (Scottish Government's inclusive growth agenda), IN Scottish Planner, No 172 Dec 2017, pp12-13 [2017]

Discusses the Scottish Government’s inclusive growth agenda. Highlights the role that equality plays in supporting growth and generating prosperity and the links between boosting competitiveness and t...

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London ambitions research: shaping a successful careers offer for all young Londoners [2017] External document

Highlights examples of emerging best practice in the delivery of careers education that map onto the seven key elements of London Ambitions’ careers offer for young people. Notes that data was gathere...

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Distributional results for the impact of tax and welfare reforms between 2010-17, modelled in the 2021/22 tax year: interim findings [2017] External document

Examines the distributional impact on households of tax and welfare policy reforms over the 2010-2017 period, drawing on analysis of a range of datasets. Presents results by household income distribut...

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The future of technology and learning [2017] External document

Explores the strategic aims and uptake of digital learning in organisations, drawing on analysis of longitudinal data. Outlines the factors influencing technology uptake, including learner attitudes/s...

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Psychology at work: improving wellbeing and productivity in the workplace [2017] External document

Demonstrates how policy makers can work to improve psychological wellbeing and productivity in the workplace, drawing on evidence from research literature. Explains what psychology is and discusses th...

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