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Could do better (apprenticeships), IN Training Journal, Mar 2017 (Guide to apprenticeships 2017 supplement), pp4-7 [2017]

Looks at government policy on apprenticeships, focusing on the introduction of the apprenticeship levy. Explains that the levy is a training tax on large employers and aims to increase the number of a...

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People, places and earning differentials in Scotland, IN Regional Studies, Vol 51 No 3 Mar 2017, pp389-403 [2017]

Examines the contribution of 'people' and 'place' effects to earnings differentials in Scotland, drawing on analysis of individual and regional data. Finds that the main sources of pay differentials a...

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From apprenticeship to mastership, IN Training Journal, Mar 2017 (Guide to apprenticeships 2017 supplement), pp14-15 [2017]

Looks at how level 7 qualifications (master’s degree level, at the top of the apprenticeship scale) could change perceptions of apprenticeships in the UK. Discusses the need for a more flexible highly...

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Funding for skills (apprenticeship levy), IN Holyrood, Mar 2017 (Skills and apprenticeships supplement), pp18-19 [2017]

Looks at the way in which the Scottish government intends to use its share of money raised by the UK-wide apprenticeship levy. Explains that, as a devolved matter, Scotland's share of the money raise...

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Taking education further (impact of restructuring of college sector), IN Holyrood, Mar 2017 (Skills and apprenticeships supplement), pp20-21 [2017]

Looks at the impact of the restructuring of the Scottish college sector that took place in 2012 and 2013. Indicates that a 2016 report by Audit Scotland raised questions about the impact of a substant...

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What is the no 1 tool for managers? (coaching), IN Training Journal, Mar 2017, pp30-33 [2017]

Examines the importance of workplace coaching. Differentiates between coaching and other workplace tools such as training and mentoring. Argues that coaching is not a one-size-fits all method and tha...

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From 'inadequate' to 'outstanding': making the UK's skills system world class [2017] External document

Examines skills policy in the UK over the last 20 years, compares UK performance with other major economies, and makes proposals on ways to improve performance. Considers the development of the UK ski...

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National and local labour force projections for the UK, IN Local Economy, Vol 32 No 2 Mar 2017, pp129-149 [2017]

Reviews methods of forecasting the labour force to help standardise demographic forecasts of economic activity for sub-national areas in the UK. Discusses the need for forecasts of the economically ac...

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Artificial Intelligence and robotics and their impact on the workplace [2017] External document

Introduces the terms and economic categories associated with artificial intelligence (AI). Looks at the impact of new technology on: the labour market, the organisation of work, health and safety, wor...

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Employment entry in growth sectors: a review of the international evidence [2017] Full document External document

Considers the role that growth sectors, in particular financial and professional services, manufacturing, energy and environment, construction, social care and hospitality, might play in increasing em...

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