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Gender analysis of spending on the Scottish modern apprenticeship programme, IN Local Economy, Vol 32 No 5 Aug 2017, pp420-432 [2017]

Examines the extent of occupational gender segregation in implementing the Modern Apprenticeships programme in Scotland, drawing on gender budget impact analysis. Outlines the challenge presented by o...

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Employee satisfaction and use of flexible working arrangements, IN Work, Employment and Society, Vol 31 No 4 Aug 2017, pp567-585 [2017]

Explores the impact of flexible working arrangements on employees, drawing on analysis of national survey data. Describes the importance of work-life balance and the development of flexible working ar...

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Integration not demonisation: the final report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration’s inquiry into the integration of immigrants [2017] Full document External document

Presents the findings of an inquiry into the integration of immigrants in the UK. Draws on oral evidence from expert witnesses during three parliamentary hearings, written evidence submitted by 43 org...

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Make way for millennials: Leaders 2020 - the next generation executive [2017] External document

Looks at the views of the millennial cohort of workers as its members move into leadership roles, reflecting on their impatience for change and scepticism of the ability of older executives to make i...

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Digital skills across the lifetime: existing provisions and future challenges [2017] Full document External document

Explores the issues and challenges to the acquisition of digital technology participation skills facing 'slower adopters'. Explains that a number of social groups such as those in social housing, unem...

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Job creation for inclusive growth in cities [2017] Full document External document

Examines the role of labour demand in UK cities, and makes policy proposals to support inclusive growth, drawing on international case studies. Outlines the context for the study, its aims and methodo...

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What are the wider benefits of learning across the life course? [2017] Full document External document

Explores the economic, social and other benefits of adults returning to organised learning, and considers ways of maximising the benefits of adult learning. Outlines the range of benefits of adult lea...

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Diverse places of learning?: home neighbourhood ethnic diversity and the ethnic composition of universities [2017] External document

Examines the ethnic diversity of UK universities, drawing on analysis of data on students attending university in 2014/15. Presents research findings highlighting: students from the most and least div...

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English and American higher education access and completion policy regimes: similarities, differences and possible lessons [2017] External document

Explores the similarities and differences between policies for higher education access and success in the USA and England, and considers potential learning on ways of reducing social class and racial/...

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Get a move on? The decline in regional job-to-job moves and its impact on productivity and pay [2017] External document

Examines the declining regional mobility of labour in the UK and its impact on productivity, employment and pay, drawing on analysis of national datasets. Outlines the role of labour mobility in relat...

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