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Outlook and appraisal, IN Fraser of Allander Institute Economic Commentary, Vol 42 No 4 Dec 2018, pp5-24

Reports on Scotland's economic performance. Draws on data from the Scottish Government, Labour Force Survey, the OECD and other sources. Highlights trends in the global economy and looks at the performance of the UK economy as a whole. Looks at trends in the Scottish economy including information on: GDP growth since 2013; employment, unemployment and inactivity rates; sector contributions to annual GDP growth; oil prices; residential property sales; relative poverty; productivity performance; youth employment/unemployment; earnings; business activity; the retail sector and sales growth; and consumer confidence. Includes labour market forecasts and forecasts for Scottish economic growth, including the Scottish Fiscal Commissions forecasts up to 2022. Examines the impact of the recession on different sectors of the economy and assesses the state of the Scottish economy ten years after the financial crisis. Highlights the current low levels of unemployment and high employment rates. Examines the potential impact of Brexit on Scotland's economic prospects.


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