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College sector prepares for post-Brexit landscape, IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 36 No 1 Mar/Apr 2019, pp63-65

Looks at the ways in which the Scottish college sector is preparing for the UK's departure from the EU. Outlines collaboration between Scottish colleges and other educational bodies in Scotland and the rest of the UK to ensure that the country remains open to EU staff and students following Brexit and can continue to meet skills and labour market challenges. Discusses concerns that numbers of EU staff and students will fall, and that opportunities for student exchange and collaborative research through EU programmes will be lost. Identifies potential issues around the supply of essential goods to enable colleges to run. Outlines the strategic vision adopted by Colleges Scotland to develop people and partnerships, support a successful economy and help communities to thrive, and discusses activities by colleges to support vocational education, skills development and apprenticeships.


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Gallagher, Rosemary
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