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More work, less say (job quality), IN Society Now, No 33 Winter 2018, pp10-11

Presents key findings from the latest Skills and Employment Survey, which shows that the quality of jobs in the UK is worsening in more respects than it is improving. Notes that almost half of workers in 2017 strongly agreed that their job requires them to work very hard compared to a third in 1992; the proportion who said they had a great deal of influence over their work fell by three percentage points and employee involvement has become less prevalent; but that there has been a fall in levels of job insecurity and anxiety about changes to the job. Estimates that 1.7 million workers are concerned that their hours might be unexpectedly cut, raised or rescheduled, which is a considerably greater number than those working on zero hours contracts. Notes that those working insecure hours also report higher levels of work intensity, lower levels of pay, and greater exposure to other fears than those whose hours of work are more secure.


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Felstead, Alan; Green, Francis
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