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Automation risk lies in quality of work, IN Agenda NI, No 94 Apr/May 2019, pp22-23

Summarises the findings of a report by the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) on the impact of automation on the future of work and employment in Northern Ireland. Estimates that 60,000 jobs in Northern Ireland are in danger of being automated into obsolescence, with a further 460,000 jobs set to face considerable change. Predicts that employment numbers will not fall as other jobs will be created in the aftermath of automation, however the quality of replacement jobs may be an issue. Highlights the need to ‘evaluate not just the jobs lost, but also those that are subsequently created’. Discusses the possible ‘polarisation’ of the labour market, as new jobs are predominantly in high- and low-skilled occupations while middle-skilled occupations are being crowded out. Considers the impact of automation and technological change on different occupations, routine and non-routine jobs, quality of jobs, earnings, job satisfaction, quality of the working environment and working arrangements.


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