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A review of the research literature on supported employment: a report for the cross-government learning disability employment team

Presents a literature review commissioned by the 'Valuing employment now' cross-government initiative, established to examine how to increase employment for people with learning difficulties. Sets out current knowledge about training and employment techniques that specifically meet the needs of people with learning disabilities. Examines the literature on training and employment relevant to the needs of people with a learning disability. Addresses supported employment rather than social or micro enterprises because these approaches to employment offer fewer opportunities for social inclusion in wider society. Looks at policy and practice in the UK, Europe, and America. (See also Refs B12585 'Valuing employment now: the delivery plan', B12584 'Equality impact assessment', and B12587 'Valuing employment now: real jobs for people with learning disabilities').


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Beyer, Stephen; Robinson, Carol
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Cabinet Office

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