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High performance working: case studies analytical report

Explores the implementation of high performance working (HPW) through the experience of 11 case study organisations. Examines the influence of the interpretation of HPW by line managers, and the experience and perceptions of employees in the translation of HPW to business benefits. Discusses the adoption and implementation of HPW, and considers the role of leaders and line managers, business strategy, the human resources function, structural change and employees in this. Looks at the core practices of HPW that were adopted by some organisations, including performance management systems, learning and development processes, communication processes and job design. Considers the impact of HPW on organisations, and in particular, employees perceptions of this. Discusses the positive effects of employee engagement with the HPW approach. Highlights the lessons that can be learnt from the case studies for employers and policy makers. Related reports available, see 'High performance working: a policy review' (Ref. B16302) and 'High performance working: employer case studies' (Ref. B16304).


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Tamkin, Penny et al
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UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES)

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