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Using and sharing career related labour market intelligence: research report

Considers the findings from case study research conducted with organisations across Britain that examined the ways in which career-related labour market information and intelligence (LMI) is being used and shared. Finds that: a range of partners need to work together to explore how relevant data can be collected, collated, analysed and interpreted for use by practitioners and advisers as well as individuals; organisations need to decide how they are going to manage and undertake this work; and that LMI produced for both advisers and individuals needs to be fit for purpose. Notes that it is crucial for practitioners and advisers to have a clear understanding of the LMI they need to perform effectively in their role, including what is necessary to help their clients/customers progress, and that continuing professional development needs to move beyond developing advisers’ awareness and understanding of the sources of LMI and provide them with the skills to analyse, interpret and use it with different client groups.


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