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Higher education funding reforms: a comprehensive analysis of educational and labour market outcomes in England (Discussion paper no 1529)

Examines the impact of changes in the funding of higher education in England on students' educational and labour market choices and outcomes, drawing on analysis of longitudinal data. Describes policy changes over the last two decade leading to undergraduate university education moving from being free to substantial tuition fees being charged and the provisions of means-tested maintenance grants and loans. Examines the socio-economic distributional effects across a range of outcomes, including enrolment, relocation decisions, selection of institution, programme of study, academic performance and labour market outcomes. Finds no large aggregate effect on student enrolment or other margins; and the small negative impacts on enrolment were largely borne by those in higher parts of the wealth distribution.


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Azmat, Ghazala; Simion, Stefania
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Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)

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