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Skills Gateway for Adults: mid-programme evaluation (Welsh Government social research report no 40/2018)

Looks at the effectiveness and efficiency of the Skills Gateway for Adults (SGfA) in facilitating access to employment and skills support. Presents performance data indicating that the service is well implemented and delivered including an increase in referrals to skills provision and in the number of clients helped to prepare a CV. Suggests that SGfA seems to enhance the self-efficacy of staff, who believe that the face-to-face sessions help to break down barriers to labour market progression support. Makes recommendations including that the SGfA be retained and built on as an effective service for assisting clients with labour market entry, career progression, and education and training goals; that the digital tools used within the programme be reviewed for fitness for purpose; and that staff training in dealing with mental health issues be enhanced.


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Engeli, Andrew; Wilson, Philip
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Welsh Government

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