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Attracting and retaining migrants in post-Brexit Scotland: is a social integration strategy the answer? (SPICe briefing no 18-44)

Explores whether introducing a social integration strategy for all migrants in Scotland could support the goal of attracting and retaining people. Looks at the demographic situation and current immigration integration policies. Identifies concerns around migration including the isolation and ‘non-integration’ of migrant communities, especially in rural areas, and suggests that political leadership is crucial in shaping positive attitudes towards migrants. Notes that the integration strategy should be mainstreamed with scope for addressing particular migrant needs, such as language support together with the standardisation of certain policies, including the media discourse around migration, recognition of foreign qualifications, and diversity training for public sector providers. Concludes that provided migrants’ basic needs are met, a social integration strategy that creates a welcoming atmosphere and fosters good community relations could add to Scotland’s competitive edge within the UK.


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Trevena, Paulina
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Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe)

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