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Open and controlled: a new approach to immigration after Brexit

Looks at the labour and skills requirements of different sectors that together make up the UK economy, in the context of Brexit and the implications for immigration. Uses roundtables, surveys of business leaders and consultations with the UK’s leading trade associations. Presents snapshots of 18 sectors – agriculture and horticulture; construction; creative industries and entertainment; education; energy, mining and utilities; financial services; food and drink; healthcare; hospitality and tourism; logistics, haulage and warehousing; life sciences; manufacturing; professional services; public transport, recruitment and self-employed; retail; technology; telecommunications and media - outlining the key job roles that are currently filled by international workers and how any future immigration system must meet their specific needs. Finds that immigration is valuable to all sectors of the economy and delivers significant economic benefit. Determines that most business sectors require a combination of skill levels and are inter-linked through supply chains, so a whole economy approach is required. Suggests that mobility is as important as migration, particularly for the UK economy where services play such a vital role. Contends that the current non-EU immigration system is inaccessible for most firms and is not the solution for EU nationals. Argues that businesses recognise that free movement is coming to an end and want to restore public trust in immigration. Concludes by making policy recommendations.


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Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
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Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

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