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Supporting disabled people to work

Examines the Department for Work and Pensions’ strategy and working across government for supporting disabled people to work; approaches to developing the evidence base for such programmes; and efforts to improve the way it engages with disabled people in jobcentres. Finds that the government’s goal of one million more disabled people in work from 2017-2027 cannot be used to measure the success of its efforts, and the recent increases in the number of disabled people in work have not been matched by a reduction in the number of disabled people who are out of work. Suggests that establishing the Work and Health Unit is a useful first step towards cross-government collaboration on supporting disabled people to work and that, while the Department has made improvements to the way it manages its current employment support programmes, it continues to underspend its budgets, particularly where the programmes are voluntary. Notes that the Department now believes its previous target-driven culture created perverse incentives and now focuses on providing personalised support to meet claimants’ needs. Makes recommendations relating to cross-government strategy, test and learn activity for disability employment support, and strengthening the management of coaching in jobcentres.


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