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Cities in action: workplace automation

Discusses the impact of automation on the workforce and how to respond to this. Argues that the UK’s most effective policy response to workplace automation will be place-based. Looks at the international response to workplace automation, through a series of case studies, to identify projects that could be adapted and trialled in the UK’s midsized cities. Considers the training of people in valued skills, particularly improving access to skills and enhancing digital skills. Examines how to support displaced workers to find new jobs, in terms of an early response approach and job-matching technology. Addresses using automation to help people connect with the local labour market, in relation to autonomous vehicles and personalised digital platforms. Explores workplace automation and the UK’s mid-sized cities. Makes proposals for the testing of: comprehensive skills devolution to mid-sized cities; an all-age careers service; and an automation innovation centre. Concludes that, as national policy alone can only go so far to address broad variations in place-based impacts, the UK’s most effective response to the fourth industrial revolution and to workplace automation has to be local.


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