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Ageing confidently: supporting an ageing workforce

Looks at the support needed to help older people in the workforce, based on the findings of working groups comprising academics, practitioners and policymakers. Examines: the structure of the UK population and demographic trends; workforce demographics; increased employment rates of older people and the change in the employment gaps 1998-2018; regional variations in the number of older workers; and the distribution of older workers by industrial sector. Considers the benefits of working longer including: fiscal impacts - benefits and out of work benefits, healthcare costs; health benefits; and the potential to increase retirement savings. Highlights some of the potential challenges of an older population such as increasing demand for unpaid informal care, the impact of older workers on productivity, age discrimination, and access to training and learning opportunities. Proposes several recommendations to provide older people and employers with the support needed to unlock the potential of this demographic and enable older people to access the benefits of work. Suggests: enhanced healthcare support through improvements in occupational health, training in mental health first aid and further support for those aged 55 and over from the Work and Health Programme; increased access to flexible working; increased access to training opportunities through a Personal Learner Account; targeted publicization of the Access to Work scheme; implementation of employee tailored Mid-Life MOTs; and the initiation of an ‘Age Confident’ scheme.


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Centre for Social Justice (CSJ)
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Centre for Social Justice (CSJ)

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