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Men's mental health and work: the case for a gendered approach to policy

Looks at men's mental health in the workplace. Examines some of the structural and labour market changes over recent years that have influenced men's role in the workplace and considers the impact on men's mental health. Draws on evidence from academic/grey literature and interviews with experts. Assesses men's mental health and looks at how this contrasts with women's mental health. Highlights men's relatively higher propensity for engaging in risky health behaviours (alcohol/drugs) and suicide, as well their reticence to seek help. Explores the types of support available to men drawing on best practice examples. Highlights the benefits of: promoting health through peer interaction and meaningful activity e.g. Men's Sheds; promoting engagement with health services e.g. Pit Stop Programme developed in Australia; de-stigmatising men's mental health e.g. Mates in Mind, addressing the mental health challenges in the UK construction industry; and Haynes man manuals. Discusses what employers, health services/providers and government can do to better support men. Outlines the role of Employee Assistance Programmes and occupational health services. Recommends: rethinking policy design so that health interventions are more gendered; developing understanding, awareness and engagement though targeted marketing and health campaigns; improving access and support by increasing out of hours and after-hours health services, and promoting self-help groups and peer-led support; and building the evidence-base.


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Chandler, James et al
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