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Missed your potential? (AI and people analytics transforming learning and careers), IN Training Journal, Aug 2018, pp26-29

Explores how artificial intelligence (AI) and people analytics can transform learning. Reflects on the opportunities to support and direct people towards training and careers where they are successful, fulfilled and happy. Looks at how re-skilling employees in areas where they have innate abilities will help to address concerns about the impact of automation on jobs. Considers how businesses might adapt to the changing world, with people moving roles according to ability rather than experience, radically impacting on the delivery of training. Notes how technology can be used to allow employees to take control of learning and development, collecting feedback and data on themselves. Argues that this differs from the current approach to education, training and career options, which is far more restrictive. Contends that with more information on innate talents combined with the right training everybody could have the opportunity to meet their true potential; combining neuroscientific research with vast amounts of data, the ability to analyses that data, and advanced computer science enables the identification of values, skills and abilities. Discusses how people are cautious about career changes, but stresses the advantages of this if supported by predictive analytics. Concludes that, in order to survive, companies must maximize the resources available and fully optimise the talents of their workforces.


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Altemeyer, Boris
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