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Deal or no deal: construction’s post-Brexit future hangs in the balance, IN Building, No 34 24 Aug 2018, pp22-25

Discusses the likely consequences of a no-deal Brexit for the construction industry. Looks at the potential impact on construction products and materials, movement of labour and British expertise. Reports that the UK imports over £10bn of construction products from the EU each year. Considers the effects of tariff and non-tariff barriers that would have to be imposed under World Trade Organisation rules in the event of a no-deal, arguing that costs will rise and that products may have to be stockpiled to prevent delays. Reports that 7% of the construction workforce are EU nationals. Discusses the potential impact of the end of free-movement being 21 months earlier than that envisaged if there was a Brexit deal (when free-movement would be until the end of the transition period). Suggests that there may be a reduction in the export of services such as that provided by architects, engineers or surveyors. Discusses the issue of mutual recognition of professional qualifications.


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Gardiner, Joey
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