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Career doubt in a dual-domain model of coping and progress for academic and career goals, IN Journal of Vocational Behavior, Volume 110 Part A Feb 2019, pp155-167

Explores the relationship between career doubt and coping and progress among undergraduate students. Describes how career goals can both motivate students and cause doubt which can affect academic progress. Applies a dual-domain model that measures career doubt with coping and progress at various moments in time. Demonstrates that there is a major negative effect for the relationship between career doubt and career goal progress, as well as an indirect effect for the relationship between career doubt and both academic and career goal progress through task-focused coping. Concludes that there is a nomological network in which career doubt exists within a dual-domain framework of coping and goal progress.


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Chamandy, Melodie; Gaudreau, Patrick
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Journal article.

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