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Graduation to employment: support for students with autism, IN Phoenix, No 156 Feb 2019, pp26-27

Reports on a project at York University, Graduation to Employment, which is designed to ease the transition from study to employment for students with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASCs). Explains that 7% of students at the University with a reported disability have ASC and that this group is the least likely to be in full-time employment after graduation. Explains that Graduation to Employment is run by the University’s Career Service in consultation with their Disability Services and job coaches from United Response, a national charity providing specialist support and employment training. Describes how the course gives students practical advice on their CVs and provides mock interviews and workplace visits with local employers. Discusses the issue of course funding. Reports that the course has had positive feedback from students with two students from the first course cohort now in employment.


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Barton, Vicky; Raxworthy, Tina
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Journal article.

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