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Social mobility in the slipstream: first-generation students' narratives of university participation and family, IN Educational Review, Feb 2019, pp1-17

Explores the extent to which ‘first generation’ or ‘first-in-family’ university students can have a ‘slipstream’ effect back upon the home, on their siblings and, in some cases, on their parents. Discusses the UK policy context, and attempts to widen participation in higher education (HE) and increase social mobility. Draws on narratives from eight first-generation students at a London-based campus university. Discusses participation in HE in relation to perceived distinct and diffuse influence on other family members, siblings, and parents. Explores: the gender, class, and family place and role of students; students’ learning needs, aspirations and experiences; and links between home, family, and university. Examines the effect that students’ participation in HE has had on their families and highlights the potential of university first-generation students as familial role models. Stresses the importance of further exploring the experiences of first-generation students, for individual universities, the HE sector, and government.


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Wainwright, Emma; Watts, Mike
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