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Idea exchange: employment special, IN Local Government Chronicle, No 7742 May 2019, pp50-55

Presents three articles on initiatives in England helping to reduce unemployment. Discusses the Working Well Early Help programme set up in Manchester in 2014 to support residents with health conditions to find and keep good quality employment. Reports that the aim of the programme is to help 11,000 people to remain in or return to employment between March 2019 and April 2022. Explains that the service will provide a holistic individual return to work plan for those who need it at a cost of £8m. Outlines details of the virtual health and social care academy set up in Cornwall to deal with the shortage of people training for a career in health and care in the area. Outlines a number of projects set up in the West Midlands aiming to help people gain new skills and cut unemployment. Highlights that although the area is generally doing well economically that many people are not participating in this success. Explains how the £126m Adult Education budget will be used to upskill the workforce and improve productivity in the area.


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Osborne, Jenny; Charlesworth-May, Helen; Nugent, Julie
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