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Pace of change in gender pay remains funereal, IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 36 No 3 May/Jun 2019, pp39-40

Looks at progress in closing the gender pay gap in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Explains that annual returns submitted by larger companies indicate that fewer than half of employers have succeeded in narrowing the gender pay gap over the last year. Identifies the construction and financial services sectors as having the largest gaps, and looks in more detail at the position in the surveying and banking professions. Discusses the ways in which a Scottish care company is bucking the trend in reporting a zero per cent gender pay gap. Outlines the Scottish Government's target of reducing the gender pay gap and its action plan aimed at encouraging women to return to work following a career break and improving workplace practices. Suggests that Scotland is the best area in the UK for representation of women in the workplace, comparing favourably against general UK metrics.


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Symon, Ken
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