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Tackling digital, financial and employment exclusion: evaluation of the New Horizons programme

Evaluates the impact of the New Horizons programme, a one-to-one, personalised coaching programme for people suffering from financial, digital and workplace exclusion, delivered by partner organisations across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and West Norfolk. Draws on qualitative research including analysis of data on programme participants, interviews with participants (including unemployed, disabled and homeless people) and coaches, and analysis of case files. Explains that the programme offers support to help: financial inclusion - helps to build financial resilience through debt advice, budgeting support and financial education; digital inclusion - offers support to get online and practice digital skills; and employment - allows participants to understand their aspirations for work and to shape their goals. Summarises existing literature about the cycle of deprivation, links between homelessness and health/wellbeing, the role of digital exclusion in maintaining poverty, the behavioural and psychological aspects of poverty and social exclusion, and the role that mentoring and coaching can play. Provides evidence about the impact of one-to-one coaching on people suffering from financial and digital exclusion and exclusion from the labour market. Discusses the MOW (Money, Online, Work) assessment tool developed for coaches to assess three areas of the programme: money, work, digital inclusion. Shows that learning digital skills is a way to tackle financial problems, manage money better, and to make positive steps towards entering the labour market, and also helps to combat feelings of isolation and disempowerment.


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Quino, Valentine; Burgess, Gemma
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Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR)

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