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Prioritising growth: the future of immigration policy

Explores British immigration policy and its effect on the supply of labour in the country. Discusses the drivers of population growth in the UK (decreased mortality and increased immigration) and highlights the risks of continued unsustainable growth. Highlights that non-UK workers are employed disproportionately in low-skilled occupations and describes how poverty affects many immigrants and their descendants. Reports on the economic and fiscal impacts of immigration. Considers the role that immigration will play in the future economy of the UK looking at the skills needed in the future UK job market, the jobs liable to be replaced by technology and the effect of immigration on the social mobility of native workers. Makes recommendations for future policies including encouraging high-skilled immigrants, supporting refugees and minority groups, and targeting employers who abuse cheap labour. Concludes that the UK will be better off if it continues to be an outward-looking, open-minded and tolerant place for people of different nationalities to come and work in, but that the state should also serve domestic inhabitants’ economic and social interests.


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