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Leveraging the levy (apprenticeships), IN Training Journal, Apr 2017, pp24-27

Discusses the introduction of the apprenticeship levy and looks at how employers and businesses might maximise the opportunities new apprenticeships provide. Highlights the introduction of apprenticeship standards and suggests that learning and development professionals need to be ready to deliver workplace learning. Identifies five ways to maximise apprenticeships (Open University, 2016): align apprenticeships with business strategy; conduct a skills audit; take an integrated approach; choose the right apprenticeship provider; and engage and support employees. Looks at how the apprenticeship programme fits into a workplace learning programme. Discusses apprenticeship schemes currently offered by employers, employees’ motivations for learning, and how apprenticeships might help organisations retain talent. Examines learning tools used by younger people highlighting the role of collaboration and social media. Highlights research by Towards Maturity which identifies the following factors which might help to improve learning performance: providing learners with an active voice in the design of programmes; active signposting of self-directed workplace learning; harness technology to support workplace learning; and quality, tailored training integrated with workplace practice. Looks at how these factors might be applied to apprenticeships and considers the implications of the increase in apprenticeships for learning and development leaders.


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Dixon, Genny
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