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Apprenticeships in England: what do we know?, IN CentrePiece, Autumn 2018, pp2-5

Summarises the findings of 'Apprenticeships in England: what does research tell us?' (2018, Ref B51207), a study into apprenticeships in England, and makes reference to more recent findings. Discusses the increase in apprenticeship starts since 2008, driven mainly by starts among those aged 25+, and to a lesser extent among those aged between 19 and 24. Looks at the differences between the apprenticeship system in England and other European countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland). Notes that in most countries, apprenticeships are more geared towards training new entrants, not, as in England, retraining those already in the workforce. Highlights evidence of the decline in the number of apprenticeship starts since the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017, and considers some of the reasons behind this. Includes an example of where a reform of apprenticeships directed at improving quality (by increasing duration) involved a reduction in apprenticeship starts. Discusses means of assessing the value of apprenticeships and considers the idea of estimating the effect of completing an apprenticeship on earnings. Highlights evidence that the effect of completing an apprenticeship on earnings is two to three times larger for the 19-24 age group than for the 25+ group. Concludes that whether or not apprenticeships add value depends on the sector and the circumstances of the people who take them on.


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