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Recruitment: the new reality, IN Architects' Journal, Vol 246 No 10 30 May 2019, pp62-65

Reports from a roundtable discussing the challenges faced by the architecture sector, which includes a skills shortage exacerbated by uncertainty over Brexit. Finds that there has been a fall in applicants, especially from architects with technical and delivery experience, and a rise in the number of more senior staff in the market, alongside an increase in ambitious young applicants who want to fast-track to associate status, sometimes prematurely. Considers the impact of the skills shortage on salaries, the challenges of retaining staff and bringing people in from other countries, and concerns about the lack of change in what is being taught in architecture schools. Suggests practices should respond quickly to applications, make the interview and offer stage as efficient as possible, and seek to attract the best talent needed and promote career opportunities in interviews.


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Jessel, Ella
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