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Sailing tourism in Scotland

Explores the current contribution of the sailing tourism sector to the Scottish economy, and its potential for growth. Presents a market overview, looking at: supply of infrastructure; current demand for facilities; the 'charter' sector; and consumer research. Assesses the current economic impact of the sector, looking at: expenditure generated by resident berths and moorings; expenditure generated by visiting boat nights; total current expenditure; employment; gross value added (GVA); and the economic impact of non-Scottish owned boats. Considers the future of sailing tourism in Scotland, identifying opportunities and barriers. Estimates economic impact from future growth in the sector and analyses issues that could hinder future growth, focusing on berthing capacity. Discusses the detail of a possible national development framework for the sailing tourism sector, with recommendations for each major geographical area of Scotland. Briefly considers the issue of market saturation. Comments on events opportunities, technology/manufacturing/business/spin-off opportunities and skills issues for the sector. Makes recommendations.


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Tourism Resources Company; EKOS; British Marine Federation
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Scottish Enterprise

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