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21st century welfare (Cm 7913)

Seeks views to inform the government's thinking on reforms to the benefits and Tax Credits system, including the idea of a single integrated Universal Credit. Highlights the shortcomings of the current benefits systems and looks at how it might be improved and simplified. Proposes: bringing together parts of the current benefits and Tax Credit systems; simplifying the financial help available to people both in and out of work; and allowing extra support for housing, children and disability. Outlines the benefits of the new system, explaining that it would help reward work and reduce worklessness. Introduces the idea of a modern automatic payment system that will allow a fast and flexible response to changes of circumstance. Argues that this simplified system hopes to reduce mistakes, fraud and form-filling. Suggests that this will ensure an affordable, simpler welfare system for the future. Invites responses by 1 October 2010.


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Department for Work and Pensions
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