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Work as a health outcome in the devolved nations: how Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland tackle sickness-related worklessness

Gathers lessons from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for tackling sickness-related worklessness in England. Describes the challenge of worklessness due to ill health and highlights figures indicating the scale of the problem in England. Notes that a large part of the responsibility for improving England’s performance on sickness-related worklessness lies with the newly established Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs). Describes the policy context in each of the devolved nations and discusses the policies put in place to tackle sickness-related worklessness. Presents a series of case studies of good practice in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Assesses the strengths of policy-making and implementation in the devolved nations and considers the lessons for policy-makers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including: the value of leadership; working together; consistent communications; the value of evidence; engaging health services; and taking a long-term view. Makes recommendations, based on these lessons, for those aiming to reduce sickness-related worklessness in England.


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Weston, Mark; Manning, Julia
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