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Local skills case study: research report

Looks at the way in which local-national and local-local collaborative working needs to develop if it is to enhance skill development in England. Explains the concept of a ‘skills ecosystem’ where actors and institutions work together to deliver local skill needs. Explores how other countries (the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium and Sweden) have devolved their skills and employment policy to local or regional levels. Outlines the development of skills policy in England. Conducts a case study in the Black Country into how a local skills market operates. Uses interviews with stakeholders to ascertain key features of the local economic context, insights into the behaviour of actors in the local skills system, how skills planning and delivery worked and the nature of partnership working. Draws on findings from the case study to construct a framework that can be used by local policy makers to allow them to develop effective local provision of skills. Identifies generic challenges which could apply across the skills system in a policy context of increased devolution and considers how they might be addressed.


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Green, Anne et al
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Department for Education (DfE)

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