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Good gigs: a fairer future for the UK's gig economy

Examines the growth of the 'gig economy' (the use of online platforms to source small, on-demand jobs) in the UK, drawing on the results of a survey of gig workers. Describes the nature of gig work in the UK, the experiences of gig workers and the growth of the gig economy. Considers concerns over whether gig work can provide the same level of social and economic security as traditional employment. Explores the potential of peer-to-peer platforms to disrupt and/or transform the labour market. Argues that more expansive change is needed to transform the labour market in ways that enable workers to reap more of the benefits of innovation, including shared regulation of the gig economy.


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Balaram, Brhmie; Warden, Josie; Wallace-Stephens, Fabian
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RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

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