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Labour market statistics: UK regions and countries (Briefing paper)

Provides an overview of labour market statistics across the UK’s regions and countries. Draws on data from: the Annual Population Survey; the Labour Force Survey; and the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings. Reports that between January 2016 and December 2016: the employment rate was highest in the South East (77.6%) and lowest in Northern Ireland (69.3%); the unemployment rate was highest in the North East (6.6%) and lowest in the East of England (3.8%); part-time working was most prevalent in the South West (31.3%) and least prevalent in London (22.6%); and self-employment was most prevalent in London (18.9%) and least prevalent in the North East (10.9%). Notes that in April 2016 average weekly earnings for full-time employees was highest in London (£632) and lowest in the North East (£492).


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Brown, Jennifer
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