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Striking the right deal: UK-EU migration and the Brexit negotiations

Looks at UK-EU migration and the Brexit negotiations. Discusses the need to negotiate a new deal with the EU on migration. Sets out six alternatives for a compromise: temporary controls on free movement; free movement for those with a job offer; free movement for certain flows; a points-based system; a preferential system for EU nationals; controls on EU labour migration and free movement for others. Examines the needs of the labour market using analysis of the labour force survey. Explores the data and addresses EU nationals in lower-skilled occupations, post-Brexit scenarios for EU migration, and the impacts of strident restrictions on lower-skilled EU labour. Considers how public consent can be secured, reflecting on attitudes to EU flows, expectations for Brexit, regional variations and what this means for the negotiations. Concludes that the most promising options for a future UK-EU agreement on migration are either a system that allows free movement for certain flows or a system that implements temporary controls on free movement.


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Morris, Marley
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Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)

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